Each advisor who is part of Lion Street is also an equity partner. Lion Street Advisor-Owners are among the industry’s most elite financial advisors and serve their clients and professional partners through independently owned firms with diverse expertise and practices.  Lion Street Advisor-Owners have many years experience, having built mature practices providing advanced financial planning solutions to meet the complex needs of their clientele – high net worth individuals, business owners and corporations. Currently, over 100 independent Advisor-Owner firms hold equity in Lion Street.

Our Elite Network of Advisor-Owners

The geographical reach of Lion Street financial advisory firms stretches from coast to coast, and our Advisor-Owners specialize across a wide spectrum of financial services, including:

  • Estate planning and wealth transfer
  • Executive benefits consulting
  • Corporate and business insurance planning
  • Investment advisory and wealth management

Firm Selection

Prospective advisors must be able to meet the criteria to become independent Advisor-Owners with Lion Street. A Lion Street Advisor-Owner is focused on solutions for the advanced planning market, has developed and maintains a self-sufficient practice with experienced personnel to support their clients, and demonstrates a strong commitment to sharing ideas with their peers.

To determine if you are qualified to join Lion Street as an Advisor-Owner and learn more about this opportunity, please contact Bill Thurston at bthurston@lionstreet.com.