Lion Street Owner-Firms are offered roadmaps to success in new markets through resources and support from Austin, platform Owners and carriers. Lion Street Owner-Firms can access Premium Finance, Multi-Life and International solutions to deliver new revenue opportunities. Premium Finance solutions provide a turnkey approach to design, lender and carrier intelligence, and in-force management. Owners receive solutions for Multi-Life Products for business owners, executives and professionals. Also, through Lion Street International, Owners access expertise and solutions needed to protect the wealth of non-U.S. citizens living or owning assets in the U.S.

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What Our Advisor-Owners Have to Say

Mike Berry

“After 12 years in a career agency system, joining Lion Street was all about expanding our Universe, both with knowledge and business results. The thought leadership from the other Owner-Firms and the Lion Street team have allowed my practice to triple our production and become a better Firm.”

– Mike Berry, Michael Scott Financial

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