Lion Street Owner-Firms enjoy integrated, aggregated and seamless access to leading carriers, a life-centric Broker-Dealer and strategic alliances. Our hybrid carrier platform has the direct carrier access a producer group offers while also receiving broad carrier access and services a BGA provides. At Lion Street, Owners own the distribution business and other income producing businesses such as Lion Street Financial, the Broker-Dealer, and Lion Street Advisors, its Registered Investment Advisory. Owners benefit from access to exclusive tools and software including Lion Street’s proprietary TRACKER, Proformex and AppValet. Owners have access to strategic alliances including an array of experts through Lion Street’s relationship procurement and negotiation on behalf of the pride.

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What Our Advisor-Owners Have to Say

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“Being able to do all of our business in one place, in the Company we own and govern, has simplified our process and enhanced our value proposition to both Clients and Centers of Influence.”

– Dave Nabity, Nabity Business Advisors

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