lion-street-financial-logoLion Street Financial, LLC and Lion Street Advisors, LLC have been built by and for Lion Street’s Advisor-Owners to serve as our wealth management platform. These subsidiaries deliver uniquely tailored securities brokerage and investment advisory services to support the sophisticated needs of Advisor-Owners’ clientele.

Lion Street Financial, LLC is a registered broker-dealer, and Lion Street Advisors, LLC is a registered investment advisor. Both are designed to deliver the services, products, technology and resources for Lion Street Advisor-Owners to provide comprehensive solutions for their clients.

Stability Combined with Flexibility

In a quickly changing business environment, Lion Street Financial has the benefit of being young without the legacy ownership and structural issues that often complicate the advisor relationship. Lion Street Financial has partnered Pershing, LLC. to provide robust back-office services through well-established service delivery platforms.

Latest Technology

Lion Street Advisor-Owners are provided access to a full suite of products, and have the ability to offer customized solutions to meet their clients’ planning needs. Our innovative and secure technology platform allows financial advisors to have a comprehensive perspective of their client’s financial portfolio. With connectivity to state of the art 3rd party technology tools, Lion Street Financial provides everything an advisor needs to run a sophisticated practice.

The Impact of Ownership

A unique aspect of Lion Street Financial and Lion Street Advisors is that they are owned by the advisors who they support – the Lion Street Advisor-Owners. This group of experienced and established financial advisors also share another important commonality – the quality and sophistication of the type of clients they serve. While ownership can represent many things, at Lion Street we see it as a deeper commitment from our Advisor-Owners – a commitment that translates into how the advisor approaches their client’s financial needs and goals.