Lion Street Values

We are united by a set of core values that we live by and believe in. These values are inherent to every Lion Street Firm. They are the foundation of every Lion Street Firm.


The individual and collective expertise of Lion Street is the most powerful resource we offer our clients.


Our reputation reflects our commitment to excellence and what you can expect from your client experience.


We take pride in our fierce independence because it allows us to focus our loyalty on clients.

United for Your Success

Lion Street Firms are a unique collective of independently successful business leaders who have come together to leverage intellectual capital and resources for the benefit of our clients.



Ownership is more than a business model to us. Our Firms believe that they should control their financial futures and shape their own destinies.


At its core, our business is about people and connections.


We work hard at being the best at what we do. We value successful outcomes, and we never lose sight of your goals.