Life Insurance Expertise and Guidance

Whether you are seeking estate planning, tax-deferred strategies or wealth accumulation, life insurance can be a useful financial resource to help you succeed.

At Lion Street, we specialize in serving sophisticated financial clients who can afford to implement comprehensive solutions to maximize their wealth and financial goals. Below are some examples of the professions or financial characteristics of individuals with whom our Firms work.

Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals

C-Suite Executives

Professional Athletes and Entertainers

Foreign Nationals

Doctors and Lawyers


Other Successful High Income Earners

Life Insurance as a Financial Instrument

As your financial planning needs evolve, you want to take advantage of opportunities at every stage of your life.

Life insurance as an asset class can help you maximize wealth transfer goals by using an uncorrelated asset to enhance the transfer of wealth. It can also be applied to help optimize wealth during your “peak earning” years, and as an enhanced, supplementary solution in retirement planning.

These are some of the ways we can assist you

  • Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning

    The protection of your assets and wealth for current and future generations through comprehensive planning is an important priority in estate planning. Our volatile and shifting tax and legal environment means that having a planner who understands the impact on you and your family is critical. Our Firms have experience with large and complicated planning scenarios and will work with you to ensure the best possible outcomes.

  • Wealth Accumulation and Retirement Distribution Planning

    If you are currently in your high income earning years, you want to optimize and secure your personal wealth to avoid any potential lifestyle changes in retirement. Having the right strategy in place can be the difference between continued accumulation of wealth into retirement and an unplanned shortfall. We have the expertise to truly maximize your financial growth opportunities.

  • Specialized Expertise

    Our Firms also have expertise in these specialized life insurance strategies:

    • Premium Finance
    • Life Insurance for Foreign Nationals or Non-US residents
    • Private Placement Insurance and Annuities