Lion Street Hosts Successful 2021 Indaba Owners Meeting

In September 2021, Lion Street Owners gathered for the annual Lion Street Indaba meeting. More than 30 Lion Street Owners shared noteworthy case studies and their best ideas with fellow Owners in a vibrant program covering a range of topics, leaving attendees energized and motivated for a successful year ahead.

The formal agenda can be viewed here. In addition, speakers and presentation titles can be seen below:

  • Tyler Horning, TDC Life
    Split Dollar to the Rescue of Nonprofit Employers From the New Excise Tax
  • Mark Crites, Crites Insurance Group
    Using the Corporate Checkbook to Fund ILIT Premiums Through Loan Regime Split Dollar
  • Michael Kentor & Marla McClain, The Kentor Company
    IRA Conversion to ILIT – Like a Roth IRA Outside the Taxable Estate
  • Brian Sak, Granite Harbor Group
    Taxes: Pay Them Now, Later or Never? – Yes!
  • George Hester, Jason Hester & Chris Tipton, Navitas Wealth Advisors
    Dynamics of Building a Generational Firm: Past, Present, and Future
  • Eric Caisse, Csenge Advisory Group
    Staying the Course: Providing Consistency in Uncertain Times
  • Matt Davis & Jake Davis, Oakmont Insurance Group
    Driving Sales Through Your Mission
  • Scott Richardson, IZALE Financial Group
    BOLI Conversations in a Low Rate Environment and Other Solutions for Executives
  • Bob Carter, Lion Street
    Shareholder Update / Report to Owners
  • Stephen Miles & Michael Berry, Addicus Risk Management
    The “Mayo Clinic” Firm of the Future
  • Hunter Ewing & Bo Wilkins, High Ground Company
    Beyond Selling: Strategies to Establish a Brand
  • George Papanier, AXG Advisors
    Efficiently Building Your Backoffice
  • Kari Gillenwater, Lion Street
    Finding and Hiring Advisors to Scale Your Firm: The Lion Street Adding Producers Playbook
  • Ken Cady, IZALE Financial Group; Jonathan Krueger, LionsGate Advisors; Marla McClain, The Kentor Company
    Making Annuities Part of Your Practice
  • Chris Kristian & Gary Terry, The Westport Group; Bill Payne, PRW Wealth Management
    High Limit Disability Coverage for Your Business Clients
  • Steven Price, Solenture
    Group Benefit Gaps Create Insurance Sales Opportunities
  • Randy Perkins, Westview Insurance Services
    Owners Only Session: The Power of a Good Story
  • Tiffany Hyde, Lion Street
    Underwriter Insider: Carrier Programs and Premium Finance Guidelines
  • Todd Mezrah, Mezrah Consulting
    Closing Large Case NQDC Utilizing COLI
  • Matt Halvorson, Halvorson Company
    Leveraging Policy Reviews & Dead Money with Premium Finance
  • Brian Batson, Krupin Partners
    Just Your “Standard” Term Replacement
  • Marc Schechter, Schechter Wealth Strategies
    Smack Dab in Front of Us: Three Lightning Quick Case Studies
  • Michael Hamrick, Resilient Risk Management; Coby Harper, TriStar Strategic Group
    SERP Funding with COLI and Premium Financing
  • Michael Fontanini, Lion Street
    Tax Reform, Product Innovations and Creative Designs: Sales Ideas for the Rest of 2021 and Beyond