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Firm Behind the Firm

Having a Firm behind the Firm helps grow revenue and commercial value of our Owner Firms.


Lion Street has myriad resources and expertise that firms could not provide on their own, helping them serve their clients more effectively. Whether it is improved operational support, realizing the financial benefits of scale, accessing insights from experts, bringing new concepts to market or avoiding risks, Lion Street firms are stronger and better informed because of the Firm behind their Firm.


Almost all Lion Street firms participate in Growth Groups, which are comprised of and led by small groups of advisors and professionals who meet regularly to share best practices and case studies of significance.

Our culture of openness and idea-sharing extends to our meetings. Our firms have a contagious energy when they come together, and our meetings are unique in the industry for their interactivity and productivity. Our firms talk with each other not at each other and every meeting is structured to maximize value, unify, educate and help develop our network.


The firms of Lion Street are very diverse. This access to experienced specialists and platform owners with distinct capabilities is a major advantage in identifying, developing and pursuing new lines of revenue for our Firms.

Over half of our firms have work together in some fashion to better serve the needs of their clients or to open new markets such as premium finance, executive benefits, or qualified plans.


Lion Street firms can benefit from personalized planning and consulting to create a true business plan and the action items to achieve them. Driven by an executive consultant called a firm builder, firms are guided through executing plans that increases annual revenue and drives a firm’s valuation. They also provide support, share ideas, and create actionable roadmaps to new revenue opportunities. This allows firms to achieve their goals more quickly and at a level that may have previously been unattainable.

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