The Lion Street Story

Founded in 2010 by industry veteran Bob Carter, Lion Street was built to serve the sophisticated financial needs of wealthy individuals and corporate clients.


A Symbol of Strength

The name Lion Street is symbolic of the intersection of visionary financial Firms and forward-thinking financial services companies.

The “Lion,” like our firms, is fiercely independent and respected, while “Street” represents traditional financial institutional stature.

Distinctions of the Pride

Lion Street Firms are among the industry’s most elite financial firms.


Lion Street Firms serve their clients and professional partners through independently owned Firms with diverse expertise and practices.


Lion Street Firms have built mature practices that provide advanced financial planning solutions to meet the complex needs of their clientele.

Equity Partners

Each Firm that is part of Lion Street is also an equity partner. Currently, over 200 independent Firms hold equity in Lion Street.

Our Mission

Lion Street Firms provide life insurance, business insurance and wealth management solutions to high-net-worth individuals, business owners and corporate clientele.

Our innovative structure aligns elite Firms with industry leaders

Influence and Expertise of Elite Firms
Strategic Alignment
Experienced Industry Leaders

Exceptional Financial Solutions

Selection Reflects Excellence

Prospective Firms must meet specific criteria to be invited to join Lion Street.


Focus on solutions for the advanced planning market


Maintain a self-sufficient practice with experienced personnel to support clients


Demonstrate a strong commitment to sharing ideas with peers

Are You Our Next Lion?

Please contact us if you are interested in having your firm considered for selection.

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